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Stronger Together

A range of adults and kids classes across Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), World Federation JuJitsu (WJJF), No-Gi wrestling, Kickboxing (K1) and Free Style Kung Fu (FSK). Suitable for a range of abilities and needs including novice, self-defence, keep fit and martial arts enthusiasts, competitive martial artist, amateur and professional fighters.

BJJ / No-Gi ...Let's roll!

learn the art of rolling with experts in No-Gi wrestling and brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ), in association with BJJ Revolution, under Sensei Andy Ryan (Team Ryano).


Become part of the World Federation JuJitsu team in affiliation with WJJF Ireland, under Shihan David Toney (8th Dan). Take part in international seminars, competitions and training courses with one of the worlds largest martial arts organisations.

MMA / K1

Join the fight team as an amateur or professional fighter. Will you headline the next CHAOS fight championships?

Welcome to Team Evolve

Team Evolve is based on the Bushido principles (compassion, courage, honour, integrity, loyalty, respect and truth). We are a mixed discipline organisation who strive to bring out the best in each other.

Sensei John Rosborough begun martial arts in 1984 and Sensei Jason McCabe begun martial arts in 1997. Toghter they started EVOLVE MARTIAL ARTS (Team EVOLVE) and the CHAOS FIght Championships in 2008. They are the Chief Instructors. Gavin (Heamey) Kelly is a professional MMA fighter, kickboxer and wrestler, who holds the current CHAOS Pro-Fight Belt. He is a senior Instructor. The club have other assistant coaches with a range of martial arts experience. The club promotes and supports the development of its coaching team.

Sensei John Rosborough
Chief Instructor :

3rd Dan Black Belt: WJJF | 2nd Dan Black Sash: FSK | Blue Belt: BJJ

A Martial Arts practitioner since 1984 and qualified instructor in WJJF, MMA, Slef-Defense, Tactical Edge, Primal Moves, Iyengar Yoga , Crossfit, Khai-Bo, Kick Aerobics, Boxercise and National referee in Kickboxing. Has coaching awards in a range of skill, flexibility, motivation, nutrition and rehabilitation. Qualified in Neuromuscular therapy and sports massage. Has found in world competition level and was part of the Untouchables Fight Team. Co-founder of Evolve Martial Arts

Sensei Jason McCabe
Chief Instructor:

Black Sash: Kung-Fu | Black Belt: Judo |Purple Belt: BJJ

"I am currently a purple belt in BJJ, with ambitions set on achieving black belt too. I have competed at World Championship level at Kick boxing and member of the Untouchables Fight Team. I am passionate about martial arts and coaching for both adults and children. Its very rewarding to see people grow into stronger confident individuals with fit bodies and healthy minds". Co-founder of Evolve Martial Arts

Gavin (Heamey) Kelly
Professional Fighter | MMA / K1 / Wrestling |CHAOS Pro-belt Champion