Further Information

What to wear?
Tracksuit bottoms or shorts, T-Shirt(s).
What to bring?
Towel to wipe off the sweat?
Insurance / Membership Insurance / Membership £20 per year. If you do (WJJF) Ju-Jitsu there is an additional insurance / membership fee which is required by the governing body, costs are as follows:- For adults:-  1st Year £31, Renewal £26 Kids (up to and including age 15):- 1st Year £25, Renewal £20
Training fees are as follows
Monthly fee £32 per month. This covers BJJ, MMA, No-Gi grappling, Ju-Jitsu(WJJF), Freestyle Kung-Fu. Class fees are due at the start of each month. A training month is one calender month and training fees do not carry over from month to month. You can also pay in blocks eg 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
When should I arrive?
Get there fifteen minutes before the class is due to start, to get signed in and registered.

For further information contact

FSK (FreeStyle Kung Fu)
John 077 3423 5859
Ju-Jitsu (WJJF)
Conditioning / Grappling / Striking
Mixed Martial Arts
Jason 078 1237 7469
Little Dragons (7+)

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